Digital solution for traditional livestock

The founder of Daral Techologies, Amadou Sow, got his idea in 2005, after following a basic course in informatics, offered by the Dutch cooperation. Amadou Sow belongs to a traditional family of farmers and his main wish was to help his father and brothers.

Soon he understood that the problems in the regional agriculture were strongly related with the lack of general statistics in the livestock sector. Who owns the animals? What kind of animal? In which area of the country? The digital world could offer an answer to these questions.

Here Amadow with the Agritools team in Passy!


The first step of the Daaral project is the identification of the breeder through a software digitized system. The registration follows the assignment of an identification code to be associated to the animals, in order to be immediately recognizable in case of loss or theft.
One other feature is the “mediateque”, made available by the project with the aim of preventing epidemics cattle and disseminate preventive actions in rural areas in partnership with the Ministry of livestock.

Soon the videos and history of Daral project online!

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