Agritools @ the Italian Cultural Institute of Nairobi

It seems that “Kenya is the place to be”, especially if you’re looking for some connection and people interested in innovative ways to think the agricultural sector.

Two days ago we gave the first presentation of Agritools project at the Italian Cultural Institute of Nairobi. Our team was invited there, to show the initiative in a public presentation. We found out a strong interest on the topic of ICTs in the primary sector, and we got in touch with others organizations
and students working on it.


We had the first occasion to get feedbacks and point of views from the public, who encouraged us to work strongly and to deepener certain problematic and issues we are facing on the field, relating different levels of the rural development.


Kenya meant also the beginning of a collaboration with Kenneth Bundi, a graduated anthropologist from the University of Nairobi and lecturer. We travelled with him to the fields and his contribution was prominent in terms of research methodologies and approaches.

Agritools wants to be, and it is actually becoming, something more a journalist research: our wish is moving toward a deep investigation over this topic.


We finally left Nairobi yesterday morning, direction Uganda. In our luggage, we got already 246 GB of video materials, hundreds of photos, some wonderful dress and food that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Let’s discover Uganda! 🙂

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