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Farmers in Kenya are unable to realize full potential from their businesses due to lack of training. For the youth to engage in productive farming and improve their livelihoods they need to get access to affordable agricultural training. Many private farms in Kenya have taken up the initiative to train farmers on various crops and animal management skills. These farms and agricultural training centers offer “hands on” training but it is usually difficult to know where they are, how much they charge per training session and how long the training lasts.
This is where Graduate Farmer Connect comes in.

The solution
To be able to cover the whole of Kenya Graduate Farmer Connect created two online platforms: one that connects farmers to training and the other that acts an information database point for farmers looking for information about farming. Thanks to the web-based platform individuals/ farmers are able to register for any practical agricultural training program, farm or institution. This feature connect all certified bodies offering agricultural training in the county. The platform enable farm owners or institutions to register and submit their farms to our platform after which we send a team to go and verify the site. Users then log in to our platform and search for training sessions happening near them. This enable anyone to apply for training regardless of their location.
Graduate Farmer is a social enterprise located in Eldoret town created with the main aim of empowering the youth and women in Kenya with agricultural Information, technical “Know How” farming skills, practical crop and animal management that will propel them from being job seekers to creators in agribusiness.

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Joseph Boit

The enterprise was founded on January 2015 by Joseph Boit and Brian Boit and its blog platform has been voted the Best Agricultural Blog/Website in Kenya at the BAKE Awards which was held in Nairobi Kenya on 2nd May 2015. "We formed the platform after realizing agriculture is profitable when we got a good maize harvest in 2014 at our family farm”. They also recently collaborated with Baraka Farm Eldoret to offer practical dairy training to farmers and have had more than 50 farmers register for training.